The Innocent Past

A new land
A new language
Unknown tongues and rules

Don’t hit girls
Or go to detention
Bring your own lunch
With orange or apple juice

“Fuck you”
Is how you say ‘Hello’
Man United is the best team in the world
And WWF real men watch

Winters were the coldest ever felt
Always wore two pairs of pants
And two pairs of socks

The strangest thing I remember
Called to a room for a checkup
All done she replied
But an odd request
“Can I see what is underneath?”
Yes I said as an unknown child
She looked and touched
But just then the door opened
“Sorry Miss” he replied
Waiting next in line
The pants went quickly up
And I was done

What was it?
I still don’t know
Perhaps curiosity
Of foreign skin

The seven year old in me
Still remembers
The innocent days of past


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