Dagger of love

A dagger in her hand
Pierced through my heart
A whisper
“This is true love, heart
I bear all the pain
As you die in my arms
This is not hate
But a dagger of my love
Die peacefully front of my eyes only
Feel my last kiss
These tears are for happiness
We shall be in love
No man or death with break this bound
Die today, tomorrow I will come
They will hang me
No pain I will let you have
Wait for me at the altar
I will dress in white
A promise I made
Sleep peacefully,
Tomorrow your bride awaits”


I walked home and in the corner of the street she stood. Like a shadow all dressed in black. Tomorrow we planned to marry in secret, I thought maybe she is having second thoughts or miss me so much that for one day she could not stay away. I approached her, she hugged and me before I could say anything she pulled a dagger and pierced my heart. I did not stop her, I fell into her arms she whispered her last words to me. I said “I do”.

When I heard my father and the village tribesman planning to kill my love because they found out about our plan of marriage. I grabbed my fathers old dagger and rushed to him. I stood in the corner waiting for him to come back. So much fear and tears ran. How can I kill the one I love. I couldn’t bear to see him hang. I planned it from the beginning but never thought such a day would come. I always said to him, I would rather kill him than anyone lay a hand. He always laughed and said “What better way to die than to die in the arms of my love, kill me now, I don’t want to feel anything anymore ever again when I have felt your love”. He approached me, I looked directly into his eyes. I hugged him and pulled the dagger and stabbed him in the heart. I whispered my last words, he a smiled and said “I do”. I cried so much as he bleed to death in my arms. So here I am in, the light is shown to me, a crowd full of people all to see me hang for my crimes of falling in love. I am happy, he will not see me like this because he is wait for me at the altar.

The brutality of men did not subside when they hung a lover front of his bride. She witness it all. The crowd cheered while the little girl cried. She prayed to the gods never to make her fall in love and if they did not listen never let her witness her lover hang. With that dagger she broke society and established love. No lover after her feared death. Gods came, cultures went, society always became enemies of lovers.

“Kill me now, I don’t want to feel anything anymore ever again when I have felt your love”


48 thoughts on “Dagger of love

      • Now that’s cold. I stopped looking for a happy ending. Those are not my ending but if someone loved me once and the next moment stabbed me with a dagger. I be happy, that would my happy ending. 🙂

      • I actually stopped thinking about that part of life all together, it wasn’t for me because it was making too depressed. Its not about giving up, its about not expecting anything from anyone. Especially from friends.

      • Having someone was my selfish desire. Now I don’t have such a desire or selfishness, I am free to help others. 🙂

      • But I had to spend like $30. So if I that is the case than to get women I need to spend money on them, to get something in return right?

      • Nothing is free in life. Although I do remember I dated a girl for a week. I thought she was nice but she wasn’t because I didn’t spend that much money on her.
        At that time I didn’t have enough money and got everything from my parents. I took her to any place I could. She was sick one day, so I got medicine, fruits, milk, honey and cookies for her. She told me direct at that time, I became depressed and suicidal after that. Went for counseling many times.

      • i dont. i copied her reply, put it in google translate, read the english version, typed up my reply in english, translated into german, copied it, then pasted it as my reply to her.

      • BTW to be honest with you, I haven’t totally given up on myself. There is a side to me that fight me daily. If I can give hope to others why not myself.. 😀

      • idk. every time we talk about something u r always explaining how nobody likes u or u cant find someone or this world is stupid but yet you sit on ur fucking ass and tell me to suck it up and the world aint that bad. yet u constantly complain about our world. stop being so hypocritical and tell the truth about things. u say ur life is bad well i highly doubt u have ever been fucking raped let alone been able to fuck a girl!! u would probably be lucky to get a gay after you!!!

      • You have misunderstood me, you are young, your world was very bad but you can change it and have a better world for yourself.
        The real world is shit, my world is the same. I have complex problems that why I don’t bring anyone in my life. When there was a time no one really loved me.
        Now it is a different time. I seriously care about the world and the people. I don’t anyone in my life because I could end up hurting them. Maybe one day when this will not be the case. I will look for someone.

      • im sorry i said what i did. just the way u said thing made it sound like u were purposfully trying to make ur words as painful as possible. and when u explain things to me i cant tell if ur happy about it or ur just hating ur life and want it to be over. it shouldnt be. i didnt know there were people u didnt want to hurt.

      • I am a mixed bags of emotions sometimes I can’t control myself. I do think negative but then there is my nature of thinking positive also and anger which has pulled me out of depression. Loneliness can drive a person mad. Sometimes even I don’t know if I want to live or die but I won’t commit suicide for sure.. I think, I made poison for myself in case I decided but I forgot where I put it now and am too lazy to find it 😄 in reality I probably do want to hurt a few people but not poor people. I actually am a bully at work, I mock colleagues and even hit them, not because I hate them or anything. I want them to stand up for themselves / rights and not be afraid of anyone or anything. They are like 35-40 years old people and still afraid of the world..

      • no problem at all.. I don’t mind, You have every right say that to me. My world isn’t that bad but sometimes it feels like. You have endured so much and still fight. 🙂

      • I could drink. I fight but I don’t know why, it not life I have anything or anyone to live for. I just don’t feel like dying and I am too lazy to kill myself, also I can’t bear pain, won’t put a needle on my hand, overdose won’t kill me 😀

      • I doubt it. Things sometimes truly suck in life and I can’t seem to do anything. Worst life ever!

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