Master’s Saying (#3)

My Master said
Those who wait for the end of the world
Have already died before their graves
Those who try and make the end come near
Will die by their own hands
Heaven or hell these fools try
When it is that we turn to dust
Let us pray that we don’t see that day
Nor our children and their generations to come

Blessed are the breathes
That grasp the beauty of life
Till love whispers
And I shall return
To the heartbeat of the Universe



When they said to Majnun
“Your love is futile
A mad poet
Who seeks shadows of Layla
Who has gone away with her Emir
You a fool wandering the streets
Where there is no love
Begone and seek wisdom
There is nothing but foolish in this”

Majnun replied
‘The word of love
Is not madness
But a blessing bestowed
Let these words spread
Where you have thrown enough stones
And shed enough blood
Let my Layla grow inside these hearts’